DIA Airport Service : Pickup
24/7 DIA Airport Service - Call us now to Reserve your Limousine - (720) 934-9470


Directions for Arrival at Denver International Airport

Due to security regulations at Denver International Airport, our drivers cannot leave their vehicles to meet you in the terminal or the baggage claim area. The current process is as follows:

  • Make sure you have our company name and phone number with you, in case you need some assistance -
    DIA Luxury Transportation (720) 934-9470

  • Collect your luggage at the baggage claim area, then go directly outside the nearest exit
    (you will be on level 5)

  • Once outside, you will see several lanes of traffic, and traffic islands. On the first island, closest to the building, you will see several small booths labelled 'Taxi / Limo'

  • Go to a Taxi/Limo booth, and tell the Ground Transportation staff (who will be wearing an orange vest), your name, and that you have a booking with DIA Luxury Transportation

  • Ground Transportation will radio us at the holding lot and we will meet you outside the door closest to you.

After Hours DIA Pick-up

Ground Transportation do not staff the limo booths 24 hours a day. If your flight gets in very early or very late, it is possible that the limo booth will be empty. If this happens, just call us directly on (720) 934-9470 - we will be waiting in the commercial vehicle holding lot, and will meet you outside whichever door you are closest to.


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